Beating invasions

Dicovered the secret sauce another server is using for winning invasions, The main points can be listed as:

  • everyone needs to be lvl 60.

  • everyone needs to have at least minor corrupted trophies (these help a ton). Not everyone has to have three homes with a trophy in each but that would obviously help.

  • everyone needs to have infused or powerful corrupted coatings on both weapons.

  • everyone needs to have sapphires in both weapons. I think with our core group most of us have the 580 weapons that have corrupted bane on them as well.

  • Everyone needs to be on discord… EVERYONE!

If you can get the above down with a core group of people then you should start to see a massive increase in your chances of winning. It also would help if your group is bow heavy as bowman have the highest dps by far. Sometimes we’ll lose an invasion by like 30 seconds if one or two of our key bowman (w/ full corrupted gear) are not on.

Here is a checklist I found that the company that posted the above information uses:


This is a huge note from the above linked document:

Note that only a few bosses should be shot with siege; shooting them with siege instantly overrides any other aggro and taunt on the boss and makes it hit the fort gate.

We have not been doing this for our Invasions.

The entire document should be a must read by everyone who wants to be included for Invasions


I saw that in there, and was going to bring it up later but wanted to see if anyone else caught that massive error we’ve been making…

EVERYONE that wants to participate in Invasions should read this document!!!

Learn it, use it, let’s kick some Invasion’s butts!

I agree having read through this - this quote was the golden nugget in it all for me. I know it answered a lot of questions I’ve had about how sometimes tanks could pull agrro off the gates and other times they couldn’t.