BDO on XBox?

Since launch is approaching and the deadline for pre-order packages is near, I’m wondering if there is going to be a BDO chapter on the XBox?

Pretty sure there isn’t but I’m playing. In the guild blood atm but I’m not sure for how much longer, the requirements for the guild are pretty crazy 400 gear score after a month is not easily reached. Currently sitting at 343 and level 57…so higher than 90% of the people playing but nowhere near the requirement for my current guild in game

No there is no Xbox guild and there is no plan to support one. The Xbox and PC versions are completely different and do not touch.

been afk quite a bit duo to working 60 hours weeks the last month so probably going to make a guild with a few friends. It wont be OTG but everyone in it should be mid 30’s or older…….other than my buddies 3 year old but he wont ever be in guild chat lol. Guild will be very casual/lifeskills mostly so if anyone is playing and needs a guild it might be a option if we have open space.

Oh well I’ll look in game.