BDO Mobile

Starts tomorrow but you can download now. Anyone looking at this? It’s gotten good reviews from what I’ve seen although I didn’t care for the big version :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve got it. Been playing Perfect World Mobile while waiting but will try BDO next. I don’t get into mobile MMOs as much as PC ones but still it’s a fun distraction… plus I can have my phone propped up on my desk while working, put the game on auto, and just tap buttons now and then. :smiley:

As for BDO specifically I made a Witch which people say is good for PvE and farming. My name wasn’t available for the family name so I picked the family name Etcetera lol

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I picked Alespew as my family name. Not sure how long I’ll last here but I noticed NA has 3 servers so if any OTG were playing maybe we should pick one…or the one you’re on now?

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I’m on Mediah.

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“Ranter” is a word that is not allowed. WTF?

I made a Witch named “Paragon” in the meantime. Grrrr.

I signed up on Mediah aswell! :heart:

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Looks like its full. It says ‘restricted’ now. I’m already annoyed with the gender-locked characters anyway…humbug!

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I’m set on north american server Mediah. Ranger, DawnHammer.

I was on BDO until a couple years ago and in OTG. I’ve been playing Perfect World Mobile for a couple months almost. I like the “efficiencies” of some auto, and much less time intensive effort.

I play with Android emulator Blue Stacks on my laptop. Much easier for old eyes. I can use phone but only for strictly auto stuff that doesn’t involve kiting or specific skill actions.

I’m hoping OTG will set up a guild. At the least it’d be cool to jump into one together. Hope to see y’all there late tonight/tomorrow.

Apparently Mediah is full and they are starting more servers but if other OTGers want to join us on Mediah they won’t be able to… I’m sure tomorrow is going to be crazy but let’s see what happens before setting anything up guildwise.

Family name is ClanHammer

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I should say I do like the desktop version - graphics and combat are great and I love killing things with a giant boomerang heh heh - but so much to do it is overwhelming and the black spirit freaks me out! :scream:

Maybe it will be more manageable on mobile lol

FYI am talking to people in the guild about getting a division for BDM together. Just waiting for the server dust to settle a little today lol

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Yep we have to clear with BDO Chapter and then decide if this is something General Games would even consider taking on (@Viking).

If mobile is anything like PC/Console (I’ve played both) then there are contract renewals to worry about, not to mention open PvP when you hit level 50.

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Friend request from “Paragon Etcetera” sent!

FYI just checked in-game and level 20 to form guild!

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installing BDO Mobile to look at it

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Also, visit the new forum category:


I was fussing on the game about Black Spirit Mode working sporadically. It has been especially annoying the last couple of days because I have lost several opportunities to get XP leveling to 60. After losing all of last night and most of this morning, I did a series of tests to see if I could determine what is causing the glitch.

Basically, I would do everything they said- empty bags, get buffs, etc, and activate BSM. It would count down and shut down the app. Not sure how other tablets do it, but on the iPad it stays running in the background unless you specifically shut it down.

Anywho, long story short, after several experiments with different parameters, it comes down to (on iOS at least), you have to remove the app from background operation after it shuts down from BMS. If you leave it running and either shut it down just before reopening, or try to open the app without shutting down at all, when you log in your toon is just standing there as if you never activated BSM. I tried different other scenarios like leaving it for a short time only, a long time, one time after another is quick sequence- none of that seems to affect it so far. The key is not letting it run in background while you are offline. It could just be something with my system, but if you are having issues with it occasionally failing to work, pay attention to whether or not it’s running in background mode.

Another item I noticed- Ranter mentioned he logged his toon into BSM in a city and when he came back, it had lousy loot. From my experiments, I believe what is happening is it depends on the city you log out in. I have always taken her to the area I wanted to farm in BSM, because I thought you were supposed to. After Ranter mentioned it was okay to log in a city, I tried it. The first time I tried it she was in a city surrounded by those Sauren soldiers, which was the current place in her quest. When I logged back in, she had apparently been fighting them because she had some awesome loot including their loot bags as well as a lot of XP gain. The next time I put her in BSM, she was in a small town surrounded by farms and the mobs were small animals like buffalo and such. When I logged back in, she had minor loot and no tokens or other objects like you normally get from main mobs (you know, like the skeleton soldiers drop dog tags, etc). She did have loot and some XP, but nothing like what she had at the other city.

I don’t know if that was just a random thing or not, but you may want to test it out yourself and make note of what mobs are near the city you are logging out in. The guides recommend you log out in the actual zone you want to farm instead of in a city, so that way you can control what is farmed.

Frankly, while I was irritated that I missed out of the XP, the thing that really horked me off was missing out on several hours of farming horse feed. It’s a pain in the butt leveling those horses up. I finally got a level 5 bred with some good stats I like and a nice appearance, but it’s faster leveling him up with feed, so I hate missing out on it.

Sorry if it’s old news. It’s all new to me. I really do try to look things up and have found several nice websites for BDOM, but the Korea thing tends to throw a kink in it. Seems like a lot of the youtube and other sites are either in Korean or Russian. Or the video is all in Korean and some guy is jabbering away in English like you can read what’s on the screen. Or better yet, not talking at all- just music and waving the mouse pointer around the screen. Which is all in Korean. Yep, waving and shouting always helps cross that language barrier. :roll_eyes:

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Wow great info. Mostly been focusing on the Tower to level up all my toons to 60. Should be done tomorrow with Shai and then gonna focus on the rest of the story with her and will use BSM when not playing. Will do some experimenting and see how it goes. Playing on both iPhone and BlueStacks on my Windows Desktop.


I did BSM yesterday and forgot to write down my XP but looks like it barely moved and not much loot either.

Did finish my kill quests though so there is that. Will do some more this week and take notes/screenshots.

In other news my Shai looks like a badass in her new armor! :smiley: