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I have been really enjoying BDO Mobile, but finding information has been difficult. Searches tend to lead you to BDO PC/console version, which is different in many ways and can cause confusion, or to sites that are mostly Korean or Russian. The YouTube videos I have viewed are mostly PvP centric and use screenshots from the Korean version, which means you have no idea what the text is saying. This can get very frustrating, and the online “help” for the game is so pared down that basic questions are ignored. If I was coming over from the PC version, perhaps it wouldn’t be so confusing, but I am a complete nooblet on this game.

So I decided to start this thread to archive information I have managed to extract from different websites and helpful guild members. Each entry header will have a brief title in bold and underlined, hopefully to make scrolling through them easier.




The following locations were downloaded from the Russian website,, and the originals were in Russian with Korean labels. Also, there were differences in the location of the cities between our maps and theirs. Not severe, but enough to be confusing. But then, I confuse easily, so there’s that. I have spent some time and photoshopped the info onto our English maps.

I am a fishing fanatic in these games, I find it extremely relaxing and love taking screenshots for my computer desktop. Sort of a “I’d rather be fishing than doing these damn reports” reminder. I don’t want to cause a jam on the OTG server, so I am uploading the files to my public Dropbox site and publishing the links below instead.

These should be very helpful if you are doing the fishing quests. My next big project is to identify the names of each fish picture and have a text list. Not sure when that will be finished. Until then, hopefully the pictures are enough.

Belanos : Belanos fishing sites
South Mediah: Mediah fishing sites
Serendia: Serendia fishing sites
Neutral Border Zone: Neutral Border Zone fishing sites
Calpheon North: North Calpheon fishing sites
Calpheon Southwest: Southwest Calpheon fishing sites
Calpheon Southeast: Southeast Calpheon fishing sites



Ran across this- unfortunately it is in Russian, but at least it gives us some idea which way to head or if something is missing. Again, this is from the website.

Great Desert Temple Locations

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Another good piece of info from Luckily this one was translated.

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As you can see, not all seeds are created equal. The highest level seeds (prickly pear and saguaro) are found in cities in Valencia.

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By “farming” I mean exp, silver, and item drops. The youtuber Legit Mobile 5 Best Farming Locations did a study gathering actual data (not just his opinion). His video was uploaded in Feb 2020, but I noticed that the maps had different zone names in some cases and different item drop lists. I do not know if an update changed this or what. He also did not cover Hadum information. However, his selections were based on (1) item quality (2) mob density (3) higher than average number of elites (violents) in each area. I believe this information is still good and while there may be “better” farming spots, these are still very good suggestions. They also cover a wide range of levels especially if you include Hadum Realm, so they should be good farming for lower to high level toons.

Due to the image quality of the video and the subtle map differences, I redid the screenshots to update them with current info and added the Hadum loot and mob tables. In the upper left of each image is his suggest best spot(s) in the zone to farm. The spreadsheet is from his video.

Abandoned Iron Mine
Cron Castle
Wandering Rogues Camp
Manes Cave
Omar Lava Fields

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If you are curious about the ranch animals and their production rates and values in order to decide which is best, I made this chart.

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If you are having trouble finding the books to increase Knowledge, there is a Russian site with tips and pictures that take you right to them. It’s an annoying site with a lot of popups and begging, but its the best location info I’ve found.

Knowledge Locations

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Legit Mobile did a series of tests trying to determine which classes was the best at farming based on kills per minute in Hadum and also what was the best skill build to maximize farming. I was surprised he did not have the Fletcher listed, however the date on this video was Oct 2020, so it may have been done prior to the Fletcher/Archer being released. I currently have a Fletcher as my main who is decked out with the best gear and accessories I can manage to maximize his dps and CP. I use him for questing, boss fights, and anything that requires high CP for qualification. I have a second toon, an Archmage, decked out with the next best gear and equipped with a tier 3 Stone of Luck. When I want pure farming and maximum drops, I send her out with three pets equipped with high drop rate buffs. I can definately see a difference between what she brings home during a full night of farming in Hadum as opposed to what the Fletcher brings home during the same time frame.

Anywho, if you would like to see the video with his skill builds for each class to maximize farming, here is the link:
KPM Skill Builds for Hadum Farming

Here is his data breakdown of what he clocked for the classes he tested:

Sorry if it’s a bit fuzzy. It was the best resolution available.

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