BDO Clan Application

Just finished my application a few moments ago so I thought I should post a short intro here.

I started playing BDO about 3 weeks ago and have been having a blast with it. Very cool and deep game. I am very fascinated by the non-combat areas (fishing and especially whale hunting). I guess since I am older now, I don’t care all too much about chasing the gear score anymore. The life skills have been something I greatly enjoy.

There are still much I don’t know about this massive game but I am quite sure that all I want to do is fishing, seafaring and offshore whaling. I saw an ad by the OldTimers in world chat and it seems the guild is quite active in organizing events related to whaling. Further research yields more info about the guild being mature and old-timey, which is me-likey.

At the moment, I play the game almost everyday, mostly just afk fishing. I do spend about 1-2 hours outside of work to play actively when I feel like to.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be part of the org.

Hey Karlmagnus!
Thanks for your inquiry into the BDO chapter. It looks like your application to join OTG is still pending. Please be patient with the staff as they process many applications a day. As soon as you are approved to join OTG you can submit to join any of our chapters. Please check back in for further instructions through your forum mail. Hope to see you in game soon. Happy gaming :heart:

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Thank you