Baubleworms and grey items

If anyone has an interest in the Baubleworms requiring grey items for purchase.

Rotting bear carcass : lvl 60 character in Cavern’s of Time : old hillsbrad dungeon : vicious gray bear : got it on the first kill. killed another 20+ didn’t see another.

Robble’s wobbly staff : lvl 60 character in Firelands : 2 dropped at the same time off of Ragnaros.

The Stoppable force : lvl 60 character in the current TWD of TBC : 3 dropped while running the dungeons/strongholds with the orcs.

Dwarf baby booties : lvl 60 character in Black Rock … upper/lower? Got one from the vaults out of the 7 or 8 keys I had acquired from the gray trash (dwarf) mobs.

Some say you have to create a new character to get the item to drop. Hasn’t been my experience yet.

what does this do? i saw you talking about it earlier

I really dig, love, the battle pets in WoW so this is about the 3 baubleworms players can purchase with Grey Items. If you go to Oribos(sp) to the Hall of Curiosities there is a pet vendor with 4 Baubleworms.

3 of these Bauble worms require a mix of (Three) grey items each. The 4th Baubleworm has a Rainbow/PSA “The More you Know” trailing effect and that one costs 10,000 Polished Pet Charms! Wow.

Here’s a couple links. They have a bunch of theories of … “You must make a new toon … yada yada.” Thus why I was stating I used my one and only character (Cette) whose max level (60) and didn’t do anything other than enter a instance or participate in a TimeWDungeon PuG.

First link with good information :

Second link which is within the first link above :

your looking for post by Maizou 18 April where he/she breaks down their experience.

ps: maizou’s post talks about the bear “Mangeclaw” in Dun Morogh. I couldn’t find “Mangeclaw” in current time in WoW’s history/time line so I followed Mai’s suggestion of going to Hillsbrad dungeon inside the Cavern of time.


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