Battlefield V Update: Chapter 2 Notes and Patch Info

Hello Battlefield™ V players, and welcome to our first update of 2019!

As part of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, we’re kicking off the year with Squad Conquestwhich is an intense version of Conquest that enables more tactical gameplay between two teams of 16 players on the Arras, Rotterdam, and Hamada maps.

Additionally, we’re adding four new weapons which can be unlocked with the Weekly Challenges that will be made available during Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

We’ve also made several changes and fixes based on feedback from the Battlefield™ community. Below, we’ll summarize the most noteworthy changes.

Find the full update notes here.

Note that there’s much more coming with Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, including the return of Rush mode, a new Grand Operation, and more. Additional experiences will be delivered in future updates as the Chapter progresses.

Squad Conquest
A tighter and more intense version of Conquest, in Squad Conquest two squads per team battle it out over smaller, more tactical layouts of three existing maps: Arras, Hamada, and Rotterdam. These maps all feature 16 players on two teams, three flags, and limited access to vehicles. Clear lanes and conservative combat areas allow players to predict where enemies are coming from, where they need to defend, and how to subvert enemy movement. Learn more about Squad Conquest.

New Weapons
These are some of the weapons that will be obtainable through the Weekly Challenges in January and February:

  • Zk-383 SMG (Medic class)
  • Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle (Assault class)
  • M1922 MMG (Support class)

Time to Death and Death Experience Fixes
We’ve made a number of changes in these areas:

  • The name of the enemy that has killed a player is now shown in the game world when the player has died. This highlights the killer and helps players understand who killed them and from where, especially in crowded situations.
  • The death experience has improved with the addition of a camera that now follows and zooms towards the killer. This will allow players to understand what killed them and the position of the killer.
  • The accuracy of the visual representation of incoming bullets for other players has been improved. Tracers should now properly appear to consistently appear from the shooter and should be clearer when the victim is looking directly at the shooter.
  • An issue was fixed with the UI directional damage indicator that delayed the indication of damage to the victim.
  • Tweaks were made to the UI directional damage indicator to more accurately point towards the enemy damaging the player.

See you on the battlefield!

Jaqub Ajmal
Producer – Battlefield V
(Twitter: @jaqubajmal)

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