Back in the saddle

Hey all! I’ve been away these last six months with a lot going on in RL. Since my last quest I have had cancer, beat it, had a heart attack and recovered and just now am recovering from two weeks of covid. I am so ready to get back to the imaginary world. Finally logged on in DDO tonight, I feel like a total newb, I’ve lost track of everything and there is so much new. I’ve upgraded my GPU and monitor in my time away, though, so that’s going to help. I hope to quickly get through the mechanical things like feat changes and inventory problems so I can get to questing soon. Looking forward to running with old names and new.

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Look for Blitzsturm, Baddaxxe, Killerwatt and Synnymyn to make their appearances .

I am fairly new to the guild. Glad to hear you beat cancer and everything else. I am running a fairly low-level rogue/artificer about level 15. have a couple of other icons I am running also. I use Chief as part of all my character names so I would be interested in doing some questing with you If I am on send me a tell.

Hope you had a good holiday.