Back in the game

I have several level 65 Pilots on 2 accounts for on Fed, klingon, and Romulan and Jem 'Hadar. Any chance I can get in the OTG fleet?

Just list their names with account suffix here and whether they are Fed or KDF and I will get them invited as soon after as I see it.


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oh lord it’s a lot :)…gimmie a bit.


Viran’Lan Fed
Juliana Carter Fed
Lucita Moncado Fed
Dehel Fed
Duqueta KDF

Vel’ah Fed
Ma’Tai Fed
Moreta Benden Fed
Jiltanith Macentyre KDF
Voxoth KDS

Invites have been attempted. All went through but the following:

Lucita Moncado@Lucinde1 - currently in a fleet
Dehel@Lucinde1 - player not found
Moreta Benden@Rothana - Currently in a fleet

Once you accept on the other characters please update the Member Note in the Roster with your Forum name.

Let me know when the two are not in a fleet and what is wrong with the name of the third and I will re send invites to them when I see your post.


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