Back in SWTOR for a bit

Hey guys coming back into swtor for a bit. Have toons on both sith and republic sides but am doing republic storylines to complete legacy achives. Will try to contact you folks to get guilded again. I do have a question does each character have to join the guild or does the legacy join the guild so all toons are affected. Couldn’t remember. I was a founder in this game but am two major updates behind. Once I get the legacy done Ill hop into all the new content. Thanks for any help getting back into things.

Each character needs an invite. We are in discord when you are ready. I will be gone most of next week so you may need to get another officer to invite you if you are not on today or tomorrow.

I am a returning member just wondering is truthseeker around these days??

Yes I am, hop into discord and you will see me there most evenings

I am currently having problems with discord. Where on the website do I find the actually settings for discord

my discord issues been solved I will be around tonight hopefully your on if not all good

I bowl on Monday nights will be on Tuesday evening tthough

Still having problems with Discord. Will be on as Majorroberttrent up to 8 tonight

I stand corrected maybe discord was working fine for me earlier have to see what happens later. If by chance I do miss you tonight. Will look over the weekend