Award winning wildlife photos

I have always loved photos of wildlife and follow the yearly award wildlife photography events. But sometimes you just need to laugh, so I am including “2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards” event.

This is also part of this exhibition, but I found it to be extremely appropros to how I feel some days.

…and there are days when one’s grip seems to slip

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Talos, that is a lovely image. I don’t see many butterflies in our area anymore, which is sad. But since I am in the process of my yard projects to complete before the weather changes, I hope to plant some flowering shrubs to invite them back.

I love to watch wildlife and as long as my dog behaves herself, we can enjoy them on our deck. But of course dogs being dogs, the temptation is too great to just sit and watch… :rofl: Just last week she almost caught up with the errant squirrel that visited our deck, who upon seeing her run out the door, took to the other side of the fence where she just cannot get to. No opposable thumbs…for which I was grateful.

That is a glass butterfly it is from central & south america but get it as far north as Tx/Fl.

I bought some flowering shrubs some years ago for my garden in the hope of encouraging pollinators including butterfly’s to my garden. The greatest success was the buddleia which grows like a weed and flowers prolifically.
The picture shows a pink variety although purple flowers are more common.


A peacock butterfly on a chrysanthemum it looks like a head with one of these olden swimming caps .

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Oh wow, how beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :grinning: