Avu has been in a car accident

Hey guys,

I didn’t know where to put this, so I figured I’d put it here and the powers that be can move it accordingly. Avu was T-boned on Friday. She is in relatively good condition, with a bump on the noggin, bunch of bruising and three broken ribs. She is still in the hospital, but we’re hoping she can come home soon, although she may need to go to assisted living first if she can’t get mobile; we’re still waiting on the physical therapy people to come see her. It’s truly a miracle she isn’t in worse shape, considering they had to cut her out of the car and it was a full on driver’s side impact.

We are giving some credit to the 2000 Jag S-type we just got her in August for her birthday. Old, tough metal tank.

Prayers and well-wishes are very welcome.

Thank you,

Thugius (Pal)


I hope healing goes as well as possible, praying

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Best wishes and a fast recovery going her way from me and Kelly!

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I’ll pray.

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Yikes. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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Those old cars, no matter the make, usually are the best protection for sure. So glad she is healing and wish her a speedy recovery.

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They let her come home. It’s gonna be a few weeks, but she should be back to abnormal before Christmas.

Thanks for the well-wishes and prayers, folks.

Thugius (Pal)


Praying for a speedy recovery

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Prayers and fast recovery to Avu

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Thanks everyone, I am home now. The car…well it will never come home sadly. It was such a lovely car to drive!


Prayers for her quick and uneventful healing.

Home is the best place for recovery. I hope she gets well soon.

That was a hard impact - I’m happy she didn’t get a much more serious head injury. Hope recovery goes well for her.

just got this in my email sorry to hear of the accident my heart dropped when i seen the title. Glade to know your home and doing better hope it’s a fast recovery with best wishes

Avu…get well soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Complete and total healing and restoration to her. :revolving_hearts:

Get well…that car looks like it had a rough go of it. :pray:

Healing prayers

I hate to hear this, poor avu. Looks and sounds like she was lucky.