Atlas the new Elyria made better (released date 12/13/2018)


Claim territory and apply taxation and behavior rules to that which you own: be a benevolent governor, a feudal lord, or a ruthless dictator. Territory ownership is visualized on your dynamic zoomable World Map, with Fog of War obscuring uncharted regions and Shroud of War hiding enemy territories out of sight range. Contest other government’s ownership of land, structures, or ships to expand your empire! The top large-scale Spheres of Influence on the Official ATLAS’ are visualized in real-time on the Play ATLAS homepage. Design your own custom flag per-pixel to apply to your claims, to be famous (or infamous)

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Sounds pretty interesting. I’ll probably give it a try, at least on a local private server with all the settings on super easy.

As with ARK, I’ll most likely find the official server too punishingly hard or timers taking too long for my taste.

Plus I’ll want to mod in things like flying airships, questionable clothing choices like some Skyrim mods allow lol, NPC/pet resurrection ability like an ARK mod had, and other fun things.

Pretty skeptical about how well optimized and buggy the game will be with a 2 year EA and being made by the same people behind Ark but I’ll fall for it again and give them my $30 lol

truthfully I think they added way to much at one time but I will be trying this game out. And the way they are going to cluster the servers as one is crazy, they are going to do it like EVE but use the sea to change servers with no zoning will be interesting to see. If they pull it off maybe other games will do the same thing

I will probably watch it to start with . I am very skeptical of this game with them talking about what you can do and one is take someones virginity. This makes me think they are condoning rape and to me this is not ok in anyway. I hope it was a play on words that was poorly chosen but we will see.

got pushed back to next week

Early Access starts tomorrow (12/19) on Steam. It’s sink or swim time for the devs. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot of interest at this point but if anyone starts or joins a crew for us old folks let me know. I’ll be buying the game shortly after it goes up to start the download but wont be able to play until tomorrow so I’ll check back here to see what island everyone is starting on

talk to the ark players (wozzle’s Discord) it looks like people not using the forums that much

Same Darthaden, since early access supposedly starts around 6pm ET that means downloading overnight with my snail bandwidth. Since the game will be very ARK-like being in development for 2~ years I suppose there’s no great rush.

Hoping for the best, the game world needs a decent MMO to take our minds off the crap they’ve been peddling. :stuck_out_tongue:

it is only 30 gb so maybe not to long

Hmmm, that’s suspicious. :slight_smile: ARK is hogging around 168gb. If the 30 holds true then it might finish up around midnight if the CenturyLink squirrels are running fast. There’s hope. Yay for pirates before bedtime! :partying_face:

ark started out as 30gb when it was first released and now like you mine is up to 189gb

here is some more info you may like

  • The map is 45,000 square kilometers, with 700 land masses capable of supporting more than 40,000 simultaneous players. (If you’re sailing in a straight line without any stops or detours, it would take you about 30 hours to sail across the world map – and that’s also if the wind was in your favour!)
  • Ship upgrades, different weapon types and character customization
  • 300 skills spread across 15 different classes
  • Quests, subquests and PvP
  • Land claim features
  • 50 varied creatures to interact with
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Bummer on the latest time bump… I finally finished watching the awesome Black Sails tv series and was totally ready for more pirates. A Friday launch would be a great way to stress test the servers and stress the devs. Win! :slight_smile:

Snippet from PC Gamer article:

  • For example, players in Atlas will age and eventually die if they get too old, forcing players to start a new character. But Stieglitz tells me the second phase of that feature will include a full systems where players can mate and birth children that they can “transfer” their stats to and take control of when they reach a certain age.

That just sounds wrong on so many levels. :grin:

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looks interesting, i may have to try this one out tonight with some beer drinking tonight.

Steam says it is 100gb. At I thought I saw that .

Looks like there’s two threads here. I just came across this on Steam. Can’t wait to check it out. I checked discussions and couldn’t find a launch time. Checked Twitch and there’s several streamers with countdowns. Looks like it launches at 5pm CST today. I haven’t seen a price yet though. Anyone know the cost? Does OTG have a Discord? Arr, where we meetin’ mateys? :pirate_flag:

Supposedly it’s $29 to buy it during early access, or $50-something at launch