Atlas public PVE server - OTG guild info (island information, invites, etc)

Thinking about playing Atlas? Now is a great time! The public servers went live last week with a big patch and fresh start for all! GONE are the stressful days of struggling to get a personal land claim or being forced to live on Lawless islands! It’s a MUCH more relaxed environment now where you can concentrate on environment survival instead of land grabs.

GUILD: Old Timers Guild


MANAGEMENT: As of 2/5/2020

Chapter Lead: @LadyDeb
In-game Admins: @LadyDeb, @Maters, @Nehebkau, @Merv , @Tess_Phyreforge


Still in Steam “Early Access” (and will be for another year or so). Yes there are still bugs & glitches but the devs are active and patch often. The game is very playable and fun.

OTG INFO: (AS OF 1//15/2020)

Thanks to initial hard work the guys were able to claim an entire island in D-11 and you are welcome to build (please build close to water to preserve the islands resources).

D-11 has horse/pigs/cows/bears/ an occasional wolf & rattlesnakes
(Iron, emeralds, opals, syrup, thatch, wood, fiber, stone, Mint)



  • We are very active in the #Atlas Discord text-only channel (located under General Games area). You can connect and read this without needing a headset or mic. If you have never used OTG’s Discord, find out how to .


If you need an invite or have any questions, please type your request in the Discord #Atlas text channel


1) Atlas official site

2) Atlas Item Wiki

3) Atlas Twitter (upcoming patch and server announcements)

4) Atlas world map

5) Atlas painting guide

Just a quick update (all of the guild info in the previous post still applies).

If you are lurking on the fence about trying Atlas, there’s another “mega” update coming (by the end of May or very early June). The devs are adding new creatures, new pirate toys, new cosmetics, new structures, etc.

The devs have also been regularly giving our official server the 2x bonus every weekend, so it’s easy to jump in anytime and quickly “catch up” to those that have been playing longer. Go get yer booty!

Playing with the Kraken at night

OTG Dance Crew 2019

People still playing this one? I looked at it on Steam and it had pretty bad overall reviews but thought I’d give it a shot anyway.

Yeppers! There’s about 20-25 of us regulars that play. Much like Ark it has bad reviews based on a rough start to Early Access. But it’s now very playable, and addictive. Most folks are on after work during the week and all throughout the weekend. If you use Discord, hop on in to the OTG Atlas voice channel and tune into the #Atlas text channel. Bunch of helpful folks on both that will point you in the right direction. :smiley:

Will do if I ever get the download to work.

Got download to work now I can’t connect to host. So far not a good start for Atlas.

What kind of problem are you having?
Are you in Discord? If so look me up…
I hope to hear from you…

I get the connection time out issue. Seems to be a popular one according the the Atlas forums.

I’ll try to hop on Discord in the near future and see if you are on.

Got in on low memory mode. Built a boat. Will look you all up on Discourse one night once I get that working properly.

Mini updates:

  1. Thank you @haplessChimp and @Maters for stepping up as co-Leads to keep the pirate chapter going!

  2. Kraken boss killing runs are tentatively scheduled for Aug 2nd 8pm CST (Kraken v.1 - UPDATE: IT WAS A SUCCESS!) and Aug 16th 8pm CST (Kraken v.2). And a Yeti run is scheduled for August 8th at 8pm CST.
    For anyone wanting to get any missing power stones before then or for updated Kraken run information please contact @LadyDeb on Discord.

  3. The new Atlas BLACKWOOD map has been released. @Cradz has been kind enough to host it for us on his server. It’s a 1 zone map with about 11 islands. For info to log onto it please ask in OTG Discord.

Blackwood Promo:
Explore the heart of the jungle or settle in rolling farmland. Silent eddies run before your boat as you make your way through the slick reeds of The Mire. Wade through thick green waters teeming with dangerous creatures, rare plant life, and the occasional Gorgon to find buried treasure and lost corpses. Approach the ancient serpent boss, Anacython, if you dare!

The devs announced that the new Blackwood map is launching tomorrow (Friday 7/26/19), looks good!

With the new launch, are you guys going to be on the US PVE server?