Atlas In Game Chat Problems

This game is a persistent online game setup like MMO’s. But the chat system is unlike other MMO’s there is no secrecy there is no peer to peer way to communicate.

Everything is out in the open…

Doing a local voice chat or text chat… and anyone within a few meters can hear or see.

With that being said Arguments and Disagreements are usually done in Global Chat Aka Zone wide chat. Dirty Laundry and Dirty Deeds will be aired for our neighbors to see wither they be true or false. I do not condone arguing in Zone Wide Chat or feeding into arguments in Zone Wide Chat and i do not wanna hear about anyone partaking in these activities in Zone Wide Chat. It makes us look bad wither your innocent or not. Accidents happen… if you find yourself in one of these situations Apologize and move on!


If you wanna argue with someone in Zone Wide Chat do it without the Old Timers Guild tag or on an alt please. Multiple Violations of this and if i have to talk to someone multiple times about it will not be tolerated.