Astaria - players vs developer mmorpg

Just found out from steam that a new type of mmorpg is coming out by 29th June. The system designed (hopefully) towards not making players too powerful and promote party playing…and many more stuff which if it works makes a wonderful game and if it doesn’t…too bad.

Anyway the only way to know is to try it when it’s out. For now the links below can give some explanation about Astaria. Hope if its good we’ll get to explore the world under the otg chapter…I just hate this feeling of hype with a hint of dread that it might be a huge disappointment. I wonder if there’s a word to describe this feeling…

I know there are a bunch of OTG people interested in this. For me personally, I’m not going to get invested in another Early Access title, so we’ll see how this turns out in the future.