Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

I pre-ordered so I could play as soon as tomorrow. General release is Friday, Oct. 5th. It’s getting great reviews.


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played all night excellent and fun :+1::grinning:

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I pre-ordered on the PC, but I messed up and only got the base version which I realized too late doesn’t have the headstart. Oh well gonna be playing the heck out of it come Friday!

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I’ll probably get this on the xbox one, but I’m trying to sift through the crazy matrix of editions to figure out if the $120 one is actually worth $120… because… $120! :crazy_face:

I have played some I chose Cassandra, really enjoying it so far.

I ended up getting the Gold version (season pass, no in-game items) and got it installed. I’ll probably play a bit tomorrow… I’m obsessed with a stupid mount quest chain in WoW right now. :drooling_face:

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Yeah, so I saw :wink: last night… I might need to look that “quest” up as well

I’ve been obsessed getting my WoW Champions & 7th legion rep… not sure how everyone got there so fast, granted I play 2 hrs a day but still a long grind.

I think this is one I’m getting for Christmas… have to let the fam get me something haha…

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Stunningly beautiful game I am about 65-70 percent done. I have logged over 1k kills and Million Meters of travel. My ship is almost maxed, I was able to win at a 5 on 1 ship battle. Hope your having fun with it.


I love the game… I think I’m around level 50 now, but have not picked it back up since January due to work keeping me busy. I think I’ll be able to finish it off in the next few weeks I hope! :slight_smile: