Ash's Chicken Soup Recipe


And yes, it has been tested and has cured colds :thermometer:

Take a roasted chicken from the grocery store(you know the ones from the hot case) Dump it into a large pot(juice and all) and cover with water to about an inch above it. Bring to a boil then simmer for an hour or until all the meat is falling off the bones. Drain, saving the broth, if you wrap the chicken up in cheese cloth and tie it up, it makes it easier to get the chicken out of the broth

Put the meat in the freezer to cool quicker so you can pick it out of the bones. While your waiting for that to happen, take:

2 cups of each:
diced carrots,
diced celery,
green onions,

3 cloves of Garlic, diced
3 bay leaves.

Saute them in the original pot the chicken was in with a half a stick of butter,

You HAVE to saute the veggies in that order, since the carrots and celery take longer to saute than the mushrooms and onions. When they are just about soft and starting to brown, dump the broth back in to simmer. Get the chicken out of the freezer and pick the meat, cutting it up into bite sized chunks. Add to veggies and broth.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. You can use chicken bouillon or chicken soup base for an extra kick.


These sounds delish - and pretty easy to do.

@Cor going to give this a shot this weekend. Sounds so yummy!!