Ashes of Creation forums returning April 11th


  • When will the new forums be back up?
  • Where can I access the new forums?
  • How will I log into the new forums?
    • With our new SSO solution, you will log into the new forums using your Intrepid account (the one you usually use to log into the Ashes of Creation website and launcher).
  • Do I get to keep my previous forum display name?
    • No. All forum names will be wiped, and you’ll have to reclaim your forum display name.
  • Can I change my forum display name?
    • Yes. You will be able to change your forum display name by selecting the “Edit Profile” option from the settings menu on the new forums.
  • Will all of my post history be saved from the old forums?
    • The old forums will be archived, and you will be able to access all the forum posts in a read-only mode. While your old posts will still be visible in the archive, they will not be tied to your new forum profile.
  • Can I access my old forum private messages?
    • No. Old private messages will not be accessible.
  • Will I keep my old forum post stats and badges?
    • No. All forum post stats and badges will reset.
  • Will forum badges be available for Summer and Kickstarter backers?
    • Yes, the Summer and Kickstarter backer forum badges will be available on the new forums. These badges will be automatically applied to your forum account when you first log in with your Intrepid credentials.