Art Transforms everything

Its no secret art is my passion. I’ve drawn/painted ever since I was a little girl, in fact I cannot remember a time when I was not “doodling” or “decorating our walls” even though mom had me “fix” my wall decorating.

Over the years I’ve migrated through so many mediums I’ve lost count, only to discover photography and clay art while in college. It was a struggle to “choose” which I preferred to concentrate on. But my instructor was adamant that I focus on one thing or another in order to create a cohesive whole for my final for graduation.

I chose clay at that point but the photography allowed me to image my own pieces instead of paying someone else $75/per piece just to photograph it (I am responsible for all images of my clay art). Win-win in my book but I focused on clay.

I am always amazed at the different art that I find when I do my research each week and this week I found this:

I keep coming back to this video on the article. After re-watching it a couple of times, I am reminded how amazing humans and their artistic values are for history. This particular artist has found a way to repurpose broken ceramics into a new view of the pieces he creates with them.