Arizona fires

For all OTG members living in Arizona, please stay safe. The news this morning is not good, for anyone living in those affected areas.

Several wildfires burn across Arizona while the state swelters under extreme heat

There is a fire in Oregon that is threatening my daughter and her family; they have friends who have already lost homes.

Thanks for posting that Rosy, I know my sisters mentioned they were concerned there would be more fires near Salem, OR, but I’ve not heard from them since last week. Where abouts in Oregon do they live?

Fires are threatening so many places across the globe that the media seems to be tired of reporting on them. I would rather hear about how they are combating all that instead of the political theater that seems to have engulfed so many places these days.

My best wishes for their safety, Rosy.

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They live east of Klamath Falls, Lyn; thanks for asking!

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also, the 880 wildfires burning all across Canada. coast to coast. I’m not sure if we have any members in the path of our fires. I hope not.


TBH, summer fires in AZ are kinda business as usual. At least where I live, up in the mountains. It’s hot, it’s dry, it’s windy, and we get a fair number of thunderstorms in summer, which means lots of lightning strikes. I check the fire map frequently every summer.

The good news is that a lot of AZ is under populated, so the firest seem less likely to take out towns and kill people than in some other places.

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A blessing in disguise then.