Are mounts worth it?

I was going to ask this in discord, but it is probably better here for historical.

So I heard that for harvesting, only the elephant was worth it. I don’t know if I care too much about harvesting. But what mounts are good for harvesting and what do they harvest?

I think mainly I want a mount to get around on an island and have a safer time checking it out while also moving faster. I would assume either a lion, tiger or bear (oh my!!!) would be good for that. Is that a good assumption? If I get jumped by a wolf, lion, or tiger or snake will the mount fight too? Do you fight from the back of your mount or do you get dismounted in combat? Do mounts increase your carrying capacity and weight?

Which beastmaster feats are NOT worth getting?

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Ok. Lots of good questions.

I feel that pets are indespensible. I will list the ones I have experience with.

  1. Bear. Throw your sickle away. This thing is way OP collecting fiber. Serzi and I and Mex have all collected over 100,000 fiber in less than 20 minutes. I am sure they will nerf this someday.
    Also makes a great battle pet. Chimp was using one vs undead while treasure hunting. He was killing most in one swipe. Also makes good ground transportation.

  2. Elephant. Gets more wood from a tree than a player with metal pick. Carries large amounts of anything. I have a elephant that can carry over 6000 lbs. That’s more than 5000 wood. Not very fast, and does ok knock back damage. I won’t risk it in combat so not really sure.

  3. Rhino. Holds about 1k-3k weight. Harvest about same amount as player, but does it faster. Also very cool to ride. Once up to speed I think is faster than anything else.

4 wolf. Good for scouting. Runs out of stamina fast. Recently nerfed hard. Everything cut by half. Gathets leather well.

Feats. The attack buff at lvl 2 doubles the pet damage and the heal does a slow heal over time. Both are worth it. You have to be mounted to use and only effects the one you’re riding.

You can set your pet to be passive, won’t attack at all. Nuetral, attacks if you it it are attacked. Aggressive. Will attack anything in range.

You can fight while mounted but I haven’t done it yet.

I haven’t tried NOT having most of the skills so can’t compare.

I think pets, at least up to their 2 are about the most necessary skills you can get.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, that is all good information. Now I just need 10 skill points to start taming a bear. :slight_smile:

I have a lvl 50 tiger that I ride around for hunting as well as for protecting my other tames. You might see me on the east side of k11 with both my elephant and tiger. Elephant for hauling, tiger for killing anything dangerous.

I think giraffes are supposed to be the fastest in terms of getting around.

Shoulder pets are also worth considering. Monkey flings poo and slows down attackers for you. Bunny makes a noise when predators are near. Crow gives intelligence buff. Parrots give fortitude buff.

You can have a shoulder pet and mount a larger pet at the same time.

Tigers are great for single target attacks, the jumping is great, and they have a bleed attack. I really think tigers are worth it.

I’m heading to k15 to get some penguins for their age hypothermic (hyper?) buff soon.

Breeding I haven’t really tried, but from what I have read seems terrible right now and not worth it.

Commands skills don’t seem to do anything either from what I can tell.

Domestic animals are ok for resources. Chickens give eggs, sheep give hide, cows milk. Horses are not worth it just because of how hard they are to bola. And they are just a fast mount, not for combat.

Rhino’s are amazing at Stone and Metal, and good for thatch.

Elephants are excellent for Wood. They were better with the weight reduction, but still good.

Bears rock at Fiber!

I like to bring Wolves, Lions and Tigers with me for protection while harvesting.

Breeding is kinda broke due to temperature issues, either too hot or too cold, our baby animals always die.

So where are good spots to get honey and wheat?

Where are good spots to get bears and elephants?

Wheat is best gotten from growing it in a farm plot. There are a few places on our island in K-11 that you can get seeds, but easiest is probably to just ask someone. I have well over 100 wheat seeds, and I’m sure others have extra too. Or you could just ask me for wheat as I have plenty of that too (though it does spoil, it lasts much longer than wild vegetables).

Honey I have heard is in k10, though haven’t personally seen it (or looked). I got all my honey from k9 (I think, the first lawless k zone that is north of k11). There were nodes everywhere and so I stocked up, though my stash is almost depleted now. It took about 20 honey (probably less) to tame a high level bear with the double tame event, so plan accordingly.

For taming elephants, @Taramil has set up a taming pen in J11. For Bears there are two decent options. K10 has a few taming pens open for everyone (not built by us). K14 has a number of taming pens and traps built by other (primarily I think to capture wolves back when k14 was infested with wolves).

Thanks. Currently I am in H4, so maybe I will just build a wooden trap. I seriously hope they roll back the changes to stone but I respecced out of it because I am not paying that cost.

So for an elephant, do you need to make it higher than one wall to trap them? Also, how big should it be? I was thinking a 3x3 foundation should be big enough.

Do you need a saddle first? I am thinking of just keeping them on my ship, is that safe or do I actually need a place to house them so they don’t get killed by wandering alphas? I guess in that case you really do need stone buildings as an alpha will chew through wood pretty quickly. As it is, I see alphas destroying storage through stone walls.

I am going to do a monkey first, not sure if it is actually useful, but I saw a video where he was using a monkey to slow them down, so he could kite easier. Looked effective as long as you weigh the monkey down so he can’t rundown the animal you are aggroing.