ArcheAge Unchained?

Is there an official stance on Unchained? Are we all playing together anywhere?

So far none yet. I know we have quite a few peeps playing it and spread across different servers. I’ve sort of been on the fence on it myself.

There is no official OTG guild in ArcheAge Unchained. We’re, as Zike said, spread out.

The closest to an ‘OTG guild’ I guess you could get on Wynn West, since there are a lot of people playing there. Check in Discord and talk to Truewall.

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Right now it looks like I’m the only one left still playing? :slight_smile:

I need a game that I can play more for a couple hours every now and then. Thought about starting an Astroneer dedicated server now that you can make those. I do miss the old days of ArheAge.