ArcheAge is where I will be :)

Just wanted to say Hi, I will be playing ArcheAge and probably, at night. I’m female, 68 years old and I love building houses it would seem. Give me a shout in game if you want to learn more :slight_smile:


I used to play awhile ago. I reinstalled on Steam a few weeks ago to see what characters I had but I must have played on the stand alone launcher or something. Will look again. Wanted to take a peek at what they are doing with the merge. I didn’t play extensively but did enjoy it for a time.

Hokey smokes this is taking a long time to download and patch lol

Either I’m using the wrong login or they deleted my characters. :frowning:

What server are you on and, just curious, what race(s)/class(es) are you playing?

Hey, what’s your AA name? I too love building houses. Are you in NA after merge? My AA name is Rivenmere. I’m 70 years old

@Rivenmere @Zolivia

Should you decide to join the OTG group in game, you’ll first need to be a member of the OTG community.

Here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here: Old Timers Guild

Moving this thread to general games. ~Hash

Hola everyone. Brand new member here but long time Archeage lurker :slight_smile: Since 1 Dec '23 there’s only 1 server for NA (Blacksands) and 1 for Europe so that makes it easier to connect I hope! I’m on Blacksands, and before that Ospheros, Dochul, Kadum and too many others to mention. And Kraken, the last AAU server (RIP). I have characters in both East and West factions (no pirates though) - way too many, probably, expecially since the merge with AAU - but was originally a member of The Older Gamers West faction guild so my West characters are the most developed.

I was lucky enough to bag a couple of spots next to Boop and Bada’s land in Gweonid and hope to meet up with them, and other OTGers in game soon.

[@RanterX] I hope you were able to get your game and account sorted - I’ve heard Steam often doesn’t play nicely with Archeage so most people tend to login via the game launcher.

You mentioned you’d played a while back, if you got your account transferred over to the new publisher at the end of 2021 (more info here if needed ArcheAge | Official Website) then your characters should all be safe. If not, unfortunately the window for that has expired - but you’ll have fun making new characters (levelling is a lot faster than it used to be) and there some nice gear giveaways on offer due to the recent server merges/ winter celebrations. Hopefully you’ve found all of this out for yourself but if not, more information is available here - ArcheAge | Official Website definitely worth checking out.

I already applied. Still waiting. Thank you for the response

@Rivenmere - You will need to apply separately on this forum to our overall community before you can join any in-game guild or clan.

Here is another link you can use to our application: Old Timers Guild

I’ll be looking forward to seeing your application soon! :smiley:

Hello All :slight_smile: just joined the website. 65 with a 10yold cat Have been playing aa for a few months, really like the game.

@Zolivia @Rivenmere @Lychee please apply to the guild at the link below if you have not already. Thanks!

I am not seeing your application. Look at message from RanterX, Link to application is in their message. If you need more help please let me know. I sent you a message in game also.


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@RanterX Hi! Thank you for your help. We have had many merges and a few company changes. Not sure If they can but put in a ticket and see if they can find your old toons. Can’t hurt to ask… Either way let me know if you want in OTG in AA game :slight_smile:


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No problem always glad to help!

I checked both versions of the game before the merge/reboot/whatever and none there. :frowning:

Think I checked after and nothing. Will reinstall and check and ask support.


Locking this one up. If you’re interesting in joining up with OTG in game, please follow the appropriate procedure for getting an invite and follow the usual instructions:

If you are unable to see this post, then you are not yet an OTG member. Please refer to the application links above to join the OTG Community.

Thanks, all! Jolly Gaming!