ArcheAge 2 in development

Jake Song just came out with new info about ArcheAge 2 being developed by XL currently. The game will be in Unreal Engine 5, which is a huge step up from CryEngine 3 lol. I hope it turns out good and not too PTW, if at all

I’m still absolutely amazed what they managed to do with CE3, though! The game really looked very good, no load screens, no transitions, nothing.

It is good for sure, but Unreal Engine 5 should be on a whole another level. Personally i didn’t really like how some zones, especially early zones in auroria, were really barren of any tree’s or grass, it was just a plain texture mostly. It is kinda bad to look at, especially now days that those graphics have aged. That said, i am impressed what they have done with all of the new zones, those look really good even on CE3