Aratech Coral mission

I’m gauging interest in the guild to do the Aratech Coral mission. For this mission, you need to kill 4 world bosses, 3 times each. When that is done, you get an achievement and a mount. None of the bosses are particularly difficult: Snowblind, Gargath, Primal Destroyer and Nightmare Pilgrim. Nightmare Pilgrim is probably the hardest one because there are some mechanics that must be followed. We’ll need a full 16 man group for Nightmare Pilgrim so we just as soon have a 16 man group for all the bosses. For those of you who have already done this mission, please consider helping out those who are new to the game or are returning after a long absence and have not done this mission. We’ll need 2-3 tanks, 3 healers and 10 or 11 DPS. If interested, let me know.

Let me know when you are thinking and I’d like to come along.

Thanks EATherrian. Depending on the group, maybe next Saturday. I’ll let you know.

I think we have around 12 or so for the Aratech Coral run. Let’s plan on meeting Saturday at 6:00 central time (7:00 eastern) so we can get a headcount and kill a few bosses if we have enough peeps.

I need to be done by 8:30 Eastern. Which side are we doing, or is it both?

We’ll start off doing pub side until we are done. We can do imp side later if people are interested. It will probably take us more than one Saturday to complete on each side. It will depend on the group. For each attempt, we’ll go no longer than 1 hour since the ops run starts at 8:00 eastern time.