April Newsletter Is Out!

The April 2019 Pantheon Newsletter just came out. Here’s a quick link: http://pantheonmmo.com/newsletter/2019_april_intro/

The good news: they confirmed the date for a new stream with CohhCarnage (Thursday, April 25th @ 10am PDT).

UPDATE: VR listened to community feedback after the announcement and tweaked their plans! While I don’t believe that there will be any additional gameplay during Cohh’s stream, VR will be highlighting new content in the areas of artwork and design. So it looks like we might see some cool new stuff after all. :slight_smile:

Just added a quick update to reflect VR’s recent change of plans for Cohh’s stream tomorrow.

Cohh’s stream is live NOW! :slight_smile:
Tune in (or watch the saved video later) here: https://www.twitch.tv/cohhcarnage

Stream’s over. Really cool hour or so with Pantheon.

The game is looking more polished that in previous streams. Models and environments are good. Some updated animations and effects are in and looking cool.

There’s also some good discussion of how they’re thinking about boss/encounter lock-outs in a non-instanced world.

Finally, there’s a bit of a sneak preview of new Warrior animations that are works in process.

All told, an hour well spent. I definitely recommend checking out the archived video once it’s available (using the link above).

I am really looking forward to this game. It has been far too long for a group dependent game to launch. I hope this one does not fall to the single player pressure the rest of the MMO’s have succumb to since WOW. This game is everything I’ve been missing since EQ1.