April 2 , 2022 Company Screenshot of our New House and Members


Lydiel Anglyph, Broggette Stormheart, Neko Gami, Mischa Hashb’ry, Stormy Smallpaws, Ashrune Wythebrand, Gadriki Silverdrake, Raih’li Moshantu, Damien Grimwolf, Inu Gami, Payton Bethaliz, Odo Prapo, Desri Qol, Arik Ko, Zamarean Enaryth, Vern Windsayer, Kawaii Hakai, Jaegerkin Lore, Paws Button


We need the members names in game who showed up Between 6 AM and 6:30 AM April 2, Saturday
Thank You

Here are some screenshots I took as well. Note that Barsee (Vern) is not in the picture because I couldn’t get him to come in and stand with us. (She’s shy maybe.) Thank you so much Barsee for arranging to get us all together for this.


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You’re missing Paws Button from your list of names.