Application for Sabrina

Application for Sabrina

  1. I have read and agree to the guild’s Terms of Service, Code of Conduct, and Privacy Policy.

  2. Your age:

  3. I am under 25, but I am a friend or family member of the following OTG member: Alwyn

  4. I am under 25, but still wish to be considered. My age is:

  5. What game(s) most interest you right now?

  6. What user name(s) do you use on other gaming sites, such as current or past game sites, fan sites, or Steam. If you never use such discussion sites, please say so.

  7. Why would you like to join OTG and/or and what are you expectations as a member?
    I was told by a member that it was a great experience. That’s what I’m hoping for

  8. Describe yourself in 3 words.
    Loyal, Helpful, Encouraging

  9. Please tell us a bit more about yourself. You do not have to reveal anything personal. We would just like to get to know you a bit better.
    I am a veteran of the USAF

  10. Tell us about your gaming experience. For example: What games have you played? What kinds of games or roles do you most enjoy?
    So many… I have been gaming for years. Online play includes Everquest, Halo, Clash of Clans. I like to help with leadership and I like to gather items. I like spellcasters.

  11. Tell us about a specific gaming experience that was memorable for you. What was it and how did it impact you?
    Kiting wyverns by myself in Everquest. I got great xp but it was scary all alone. Games are a better experience in groups, that was my lesson. I liked being powerful enough to support myself but I was in a guild so I was never alone.

  12. How did you hear about The Old Timers Guild?
    Alwyn Leviathan, FFXIV

  13. Is there anything else we should know about you? (optional)
    Thanks for your consideration!

Locking duplicate application. App in membership area made through website application will be processed.


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