Application for BDO Guild

Family Name Chatterboxx.

Hello I am New to BDO but enjoying it so far, I look for a guild with like minded others closer to my own age :slight_smile: Friend of mine Zeeble told me about this guild and I would love it if you all would have me… Thank you kindly, Look forward to what is to come.

Hi there @Chatterboxx and welcome!

To join us in game, you must first be a member of the OTG family:

Here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here:

Hello to your Guild, im 33, Kind of new to BDO, looking for mature people to play with. Have no friends from your guild , but Played with some people from OTG in DZ, Division 2, dont names but all i remember they were cool. my characters name in BDO is YASHEMITSU how do i join?
Thank you for your time, looking forward to join OTG gaming community.

Thanks for seeking us out. Here are a few links to get you started. Once you have applied to OTG and approved, you will be able to join many games that we all take part in. Look forward to killing pixels with you in the future! :heart:

Start here. Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here.

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