Application for BDO Chapter - Bran1225 - Red

Discord ID: Bran#3456

  1. BDO Family Name: Bran1225

  2. Character Names: Hartbell lvl 57; Sec_Re lvl 61; Anna_Bele lvl 58; Demi_Grace lvl 56

3)Are you more interested in the active progression guild or AFK/Lifeskills/Overflow guild?
I am interested in PVE and taking part in guild quests to help the guild funds. I also do a lot of afk activities such as fishing and horse training.

  1. If you are trying to join with friends and family, please list their names (forum/family) and what guild they belong to.
    I am wanting to join OTG RED to be with Murvine and Kittehn, I have been playing BDO with them for the last 4 months but have remained guildless.

  2. How did you hear about our chapter? (OTG forums, member/friend/family, recruitment ad on a website etc)
    Murvine and Kittehn in OTG Red