Applicant, just saying hello!

Hey there, Gem, here (Character name Gemza Vea)!

I’m not sure if it is appropriate for me to post yet, but I was eager to get my feet wet in the forums! Do forgive! :blush:

I’m a recent applicant, hoping to join you in your journeys and adventures in Eorzea. I’ve played since 1.0 and since then I’ve always been on Excalibur!

I’ve heard a lot of great things about OTG, and I’d love to meet you all one day! Cheers to the future!

Thanks for listening!

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Howdy! I remember my time in Eorzea fondly. :slight_smile:

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It’s fun! I took a two-year break and came back about a year ago. I’ve been loving it!

Hi Gemza. I’m looking forward to seeing you in our FC in game. As to whether or not it’s appropriate for you to post here before you’re a member, I think our guild is relaxed enough that no one will be bent out of shape by it.


Aw, thanks for the warm welcome and that’s good to hear!

Hopefully will be seeing you soon, @Brogg! :smiley:

Not only allowed, but encouraged. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Gemza.

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Ah, great! Thanks, @mosselyn! :smile: