App is in review

Hi all, my application is in review. Just thought I would stop in and say hi.
I am having a ton of fun in BDO.
I started playing on the 23rd of Jan after my thyroid surgery and went crazy for the few weeks while I was off of work.

I still play as much as I can, I work Mon-Thur about 15 hours a day including commute so I don’t play on those days. So while my wife is at work I play all day on Fridays.
I do some on Sat and Sun as well.
Currently I am lvl 57 and climbing and have a GS of 420.
I plan to be around 450+ by this coming Friday afternoon and working towards 500+

Up till now I’ve just been solo which is not my style and really would love to be in a great guild.
I’m looking forward to joining you if my application is approved!

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