Apathy with Games right now

I’ve tried to get into New World, Lost Ark and others. Any suggestions on games to try? I’m more of a console player verses PC. I like both, just I seem to lean more towards my XBOX. Are the MMORPG games on the consoles any good? I just need osmet6hing new to play. I played WOW for years, EQ2, Rift, LOTRO, you name it, i bet I’ve at least checked it out. Just looking for a few suggestions, if anyone has any. Thanks.

I usually switch to a single-player game when I need a change. Dead Space, Witcher, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Cyberpunk (depending on your genre preference). Recently plowed through Jedi: Fallen Order. I just kind of check Steam and see what’s on sale for cheap that I always wanted to check out.

(And out of loyalty I should throw in GW2.)


I feel ya, I have had a lot of apathy towards MMO’s in general lately. I’ve been focusing on playing through single player stuff as well. Currently neck deep in a Skyrim playthrough, hopefully I’ll finish the game this time without technical stuff stopping me. I’ve got Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, Elden Ring and others to play through. I can’t advise or recommend concerning console MMO’s because I avoid playing MMO’s on consoles.

Shake things up and find something else to do for awhile. I ducked out of MMO’s and have been doing Virtual Table Top D&D on a weekly basis. I’ve built some model rockets and did some tinkering with classic computers. Just recently got back online in Embers Adrift. But this time, I’m handling it like I do D&D games. I helped to get a weekly static group going. It’s the only three hours during the week that I play. I know from experience I would otherwise have gotten bored and dropped out of the game by now. That’s what worked for me, your mileage may vary.

Looking through Game pass tonight after work, I figured I’ve never played the Walking Dead Telltale series, so started those. Pretty sure they are all on there, should keep me occupied for a bit. I might jump back into NW just cause I dont want to give up the little bit of work I’ve already put into my toon. Probably should finish AC Valhalla also. Waiting for Skull and Bones to come out next year and Dead Island 2.