Anyone up for a QUINT raid this coming Saturday to help finish Bartali's book #6?

Hello all. Me and guild mate and officer Itosato from the Green guild would wish to have Bartali’s book #6 finished by doing the Boss Quint killing raid. According to some web search, It is supposed to spawn at 12.00pm PDT,( or 2pm CST or 3pm EST) on Saturday. If someone used to this event knows if this schedule time is still unchanged, let us know.
So far what we know, is that it requires a good strong group. Vype Cannons and monster bashers ammos for it are welcome. I have bought a few cannons and 50 ammos myself.
ALL the help will be welcome and if it is your case too that this book quest isn’t done, here is your chance. If you are not at book #6 yet, it is quite fast to get all other previous books done before this coming Saturday.
Feel like a good challenge? let us know if you’d join me (meldrax) and Itosato in this hard to achieve killing quest.
UPDATE: Itosato just told me that the Quint spawn would now be at 5pm EST (2pm PDT)
Thanks in advance (ps will try to post on discord as well)