Anyone still playing?

Looking to come back for the 5.0 patch, is the guild still around?

Oh yea. New members from merge and getting together nightly for West Hiram quests.

Are you guys on Kadum? Or did I get put on the wrong server?

Kadum, just apply ingame on the guild tab and mail me your forum name and I’ll click you in.

Added to guild. We have guild farmhouses and tradehouses you can see an the map in Solz and Halcy for guild use.

Hi Reyba,

I am a new member and I am looking to join the OTG on Kadum. My character’s name is Anira. I applied a few days ago but my application hadn’t gone through completion yet, and now I don’t see OTG on the guild recruiting list any more. Can you help? Thanks!

Hi Dandylion, I can help you. I see your application is completed! Welcome to OTG!!! I will be sending you a pm, now :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have received my message and if you need any help

infortunately i am the opposing faction