Anyone still playing Exiles?

Im trying to get back into this one. Anyone playing on a PvP server? Or any server?

I just started up a few days ago on the otg server Muspelheim. But I’m leary of non official servers as they can go down or disappear all together. So I found that OTG used to play on the official server Official #1524 so I decided to play on that one. Lots of people online, only problem is finding a spot to build lol.

I agree about the private servers. Im on 1515 right now… Someone built a wall that takes over most of a section of the original map. I may give 1524 a look if this one doesnt pan out.

Yeah I heard of people doing that :frowning: So far this server seams really friendly, lots of people in chat and very helpful.

It looks like that wall is really old. Guys in the server said that that clan has been gone for a long time. They are all waiting for it to decay. Chat has been really helpful on this server also. Lots of spots we can build also.

Well that’s a good thing about the wall :smiley:. Does the game have some kind of endgame once your 60?

Depends on what you make of it. There are dungeons to go through with people to get extra building training.

Late arrival to this game. I started a char on #1524 today. It is fun but but the journey seems to end at 60 so i won’t be in the fast lane. (:smile: