Anyone still playing (Dec 2020 version)?

So I played a few hours after launch and frankly hated it and stopped. I just tired it back up a few days ago, deleted my old character and started from scratch, and so far I’m really enjoying it. There are NPCs! There are quests! If I high level person runs by me I don’t get killed by high level mobs and it doesn’t stop me from doing what I wanted to do (this was my fine straw on launch). There is an option to turn off non-friends mics so I don’t hear random people saying rude things anymore. I am not even close to running out of stash space where on launch I ran into by level 5. Honestly this feels like a real fallout game to me now. Although everyone I see in in the 200+ level range now and I’m level 12, so I’m going to play it solo I guess, for a long while. Unless anyone else here is playing. OTG still have some fo76 folks playing? If anyone is reading this who like me didn’t like this game at launch but loves fallout games, I recommend giving this a second look instead of doing that 5’th fo4 playthrough.

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I haven’t really played this game since it was released, maybe checking it out every few months or so. But someone on the RUST server I play on talked me into giving this game another shot. So I reinstalled it and took advantage of the Steam Winter Sale to buy it for my wife as a gift. So we will be in game soon - still trying to figure out basics before we subject others to our gaming… lol.

In game, pretty sure I’m HUNTERCO360. If you can’t find me because my memory sucks (I’m blaming it on Covid) you can find her as DARUBENSAMMIE

She is not OTG yet, but I’m trying to get her to sign up. 4 kids homeschooled in a pandemic have totally taking up a very MINOR part of our lives… hahaha.

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Hey Ruben and HunterCo,

We have a group that normally plays regularly and can be found in the OTG voice chat. The group is steadily growing and I think there is 8 of us who play together. Next time you’re in game check the Discord voice channels to see if any of us are in there. Its always nice to have more people to play with.

See you around,



I just started playing. I may join you all if I see you in discord

Hmm. Is it similar to the fallout game? I’ve only played the game and enjoyed the sandbox building of this and that and the linear story was enjoyable to follow.

Never thought to try the mmo game itself. Is it mmo? I’ve been from hexagon paper, “Starfleet Battles”, DnD, into computers as they evolved —> UO, DAOC (Classic), SWG, EVE, etc…
I’ll have to watch a couple trailers and get a feel whether it fits my interest or not.

Thanks for starting this thread. Worth reading people’s thoughts, etc.

As of this writing, I have 430 hours in FO76 on Steam. But since I bought and played at launch, I have a lot more too so I am a bit biased.

I love the game as you can guess but sure, it is still rough around the edges. You do encounter bugs and some crashes but its a ton better than before.

Its not really an MMO - its more of a multiplayer Fallout game. You and others run around the map and do missions or just see something and run to it. There are events you can join and can group up in. The game is very approachable and easy to play but hard to master.

If you love survival games like Ark or Atlas, you will like it. If you like Fallout games, you will like it even more.

The best description or illustration I can give is that it plays like a multiplayer Skyrim but in Fallout. You explore and find random things. You get a mission and as you go to it, you see random sites and before you know it you have explored for two hours and never finished the mission.

World events are awesome and fun to do and they have made grouping easy and simple to do.

I am currently taking a break from it to get back into ESO and finish up Greymoor and Markarth. But I will be back. OTG has a great group that plays regularly together.

Lastly, you do not have to sub but the sub is wonderful. Its a lot like ESO in that the sub helps with quality of life and makes things “easier” but its not necessary at all.