Anyone still play?

Does anyone still play? If so I would love to join you. I just came back to playing. I played right up until the game went free to play so while I am not new to the game, so much has changed that it feels like a new game.

email me, taffaj, and truthseeker so we can get you set up in the guild.

Are those in game names?

No those are user names on the forums here.


Last I played I was a BH on Jung Ma named Rona.
Only did PvP and open world PvP during my dailys that had to be done to get credits to afford stims and such.

Did a character transfer to the server I heard most people from Jung Ma moved to, but cant remember the name.
Guess things will never be the same…


We are on Starforge. We have both Republic and Empire guilds. While we are still low volume we continue to welcome back those that are returning to the game. Please let either Truthseeker or myself know when you are going to be on and join us in Discord and we will get you an invite into the guild.


Hm, tempted to download the game again…

How often does it pop on Starforge?

PVP has changed. They combined both Republic and Empire and split the teams randomly. It tends to pop pretty quickly.

Question, I am kind of curious when you guys raid. 8ish?

Right now it depends. We are trying to figure out when most of the membership will be available.

ok, just checking due to my schedule
thanks will be in touch if I opt to look into joining

question starting to lean toward applying just where is that link???

just come into discord. we can get you in.

I have discord installed, since this website has changed again, where do I find the discord website?

The Help Center has the discord information.

Make sure to come to the SWTOR channel to get an invite.

Sorry to ask this, or I must be blind as a bat-just where is your help center hiding out. Last time I saw this website it was different.

Link to Help Center on this forum.