Anyone still around? Maybe even an invite?

Just picked STO back up after years away! Any way I could get a Fed invite for Magus@Magus_Rahl ? Would love to dump some of my stockpile of mats into a starbase or something!

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Invite sent, welcome! Let me know when you are in so I can promote you for bank access.

EDIT: You don’t need to stay online for me to promote, you just need to accept the invitation so I can see you :slight_smile:

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Invite humbly accepted! Thank you so much! See you…out there!

Promoted, you should have access to the bank. Enjoy!

@Viking completed

can i get an invite to the Fed STO guild – Parker@Funkmonkey#5185

thank you all!

Invite sent, welcome! Promoted, you can access the fleet bank.

For anyone else seeing this: if you wish to join please start your own thread, thanks :slight_smile:

@Viking complete

I just re-installed to take a look for fun, apparently I can invite as well. Not played in forever! Hey Andargor! :slight_smile:

Hey Mac! Welcome back :slight_smile: You’ve moved on from Ronnie Cox I see :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but will always be a Jelico fan :slight_smile: Puttered around in STO, so far behind I’ve no clue what to do, where to go, etc. Game has so much bling now :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at @demiclise posts, he’s on top of the current meta, here’s his summary: Profile - demiclise - Old Timers Guild

Maybe we should stop abusing this invite thread :stuck_out_tongue: