Anyone remember Kings and Heroes?

Kings and Heroes was played multiplayer by a number of OTGers and was fun to a point. It had issues with a lot of parts left undone. In the end it was more than the devs could handle and they gave up on it. This was a few years ago but the devs didn’t slink away to spend all their ill-gotten gold…they went back to work to make something they could actually complete and they took to heart a lot of the opinions of the players…such as the most fun part of KnH were the dungeons…so that’s what they concentrated on. The Early version of the new game just came out recently. A few days ago I was scrolling thru my library and I saw a ‘Dungeons of Sundaria’ and wondered where that came from since I don’t remember buying it. Turns out, anyone who had purchased the old KnH was rewarded with a copy of DoS. So check your library if you had the old game. It’s on Steam. It can be played multiplayer with co-op and you can have 4-player split screen if you can stand the neck exercise. It looks like something I would like (haven’t tried it yet). I just thought it was nice they would gift everyone a free copy…you don’t see that much these days. Cheerio!

EDIT: Ok, I played a while tonight. It looks like they used a lot of the old assets in making the game…not that its a bad thing. I jumped out of my skin when some rogues popped up next to me and started knifing away. I was trying the wizard, which seemed pretty effective most of the time, rogues aside, and their spells have a decent range so you can blast guys who haven’t noticed you yet. You can salvage stuff and craft useful items…kinda like the old game. It’s early yet, but I had fun, which is the point if I remember right. :smiley: