Anyone playing Valheim?

I don’t see much talk about Valheim so wondering if there are any active members playing?

Played for a long time, then started playing something else, and so on. I have been keeping it updated however thinking I may go back to it when the mistlands update arrived. Just waiting for the current games I’m playing to lose their shine and I’ll probably head back to it.

Yup…just waiting for Mistlands to drop and I will get back into it for a while.

Same here waiting for Mistlands. My viking gal is hungry for strawberries.

I haven’t played in months. Like it and want to, just so many different/new things and not enough time for all. Is a cool game and I love the storms & sea. Sometimes just sit in my home on the water and watch, while listening to viking music on YouTube. I only play solo, which yeah…can be lonely. Group would be fun but would need to be a group of my clones…so maybe not so fun after all. Haha. Currently on OTG Discord Val channel, there are 4 people talking about hosting a server once the new biome comes out. You may want to get in on that.

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