Anyone playing V Rising

Pretty cool game, seems to have some of the flavor of UO. They have PVE servers, PVP Servers 4 man teams or two man teams (some loot all , some loss limited). Just curious if anyone else is playing this?

I have had it on my Steam wishlist, I want it, I want to play it, but daaaaaaaaamn if I’m not so money tight I can’t afford it until next payday in about 12 days. It better still be $20, because that is a darn good price for this it sounds like.

So far, I’m enjoying it. Met up with an old gaming buddy of mine an am playing on a 2 man pvp server. Times we play are kind of rough he lives in Alaska and I live in Ohio so the time difference huge. Anyway, if you make it in and want to team up pve pvp whichever let me know :slight_smile:

it is interesting, still trying to figure out what I am doing as I just started. I am playing single player.

HIya…I just tried it too for a few days…I really like it so far…and I really like Survival games but sometimes I am not that good at them. LOL…But so far I am able to advance this game. I just killed the first boss…and was actually able to do it where normally I cannot…I usually need help. Playing solo.


I see quite a few OTGrs playing on my Steam friends list.

There’s a v-rising channel in Discord that seems to have a fair number of people playing or interested.

Thinking about setting up a dedicated server for V Rising. If any of you are interested in joining let me know.

How does a private server work? Would be just OTG? Multiple clans? PVE PVP?

Was playing on a pvp sever. Was enjoying the game and progressing. Never engaged in pvp; however had two of my castles looted several times. Seemed suspicious, and one of the ‘break ins’ didn’t even have an entrance point.