Anyone playing Rust?

Any members playing Rust these days? Would love to team up and have some fun.

I’m thinking of hosting a private server for OTG folks. If we can get enough interest I’ll create one.

Here are the three I run currently stop by some time. I normally hang out in Discord and on the x 3 server.

Also here is the discord link for them;


|US|UnitedWeRust|x3| New Player Friendly


I tried connecting manually - looks like those servers are out of date.

Alternatively, is there another server that people already play on? I’m less concerned with the server and more interested in grouping up. My steam name is ‘xme’ (at least for now). Feel free to friend me.

I’m brand new btw. Other than killing a few animals, making a hut and a furnace, I haven’t done much. Oh, and of course I was murdered by animals and people.

These are my new servers and will be up for at least a year as they are all paid for :slight_smile:
FunTown x 2 |Solo|Duo|Trio|Quad| Monthly Wipe

FunTown x100 | 2Wk Wipe | Custom Maps

FunTown x1000000 Million



I think I’ll check it out this weekend