Anyone playing in the VIP demo 1/25 - 1/27 on PC?

I pre-ordered this game and will be playing the VIP demo Jan 25th - 27th. Anyone else? Maybe we can team up!

I’ll also be streaming it at Saturday and Sunday mornings from 12 AM to up to 10 AM CST if anyone is up during those hours and just wants to see it in action. :slight_smile:

I’m still on the fence about pre-ordering. But I understand those that pre-order can invite a friend into the VIP demo…looking for any friends? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually just found out about the friend codes this morning. I was just now looking for the codes to see if that’s actually true. I’ll let you know if I end up with a spare key. :slight_smile:

Oh cool thanks :grin:

I read that if you pre-ordered Anthem you get access to the VIP demo, but I see no access to the VIp demo in the Origin app so I’m guessing you have to pre-order the expensive edition to get the VIP access? I was looking for a friend code to give out, but I got nothing so far.

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It looks like the VIP friend codes aren’t platform specific, just linked to your EA account, so if anyone has extras on their given platform, you can send them to other platforms.



Anyone who gains access to the VIP demo will get three keys to send out to friends so they can also play, which should definitely make it easier to team up in a game designed all around cooperative play. Said friends can play on any platform they like, so they’re not stuck to the platform you choose (though obviously that would help in terms of teaming up as this is not a cross-platform game.)

So i just got this email from EA, so I’m guessing i have 3 free passes to give out once I download it.




Freelancers. Ready to dive into Anthem™? The VIP Demo will be the first chance you can get hands on the game and is available from January 25 - 27 . Visit for information on how to access the VIP Demo.*

We’re also giving all VIP Players three friend passes since the game is best experienced as a team. Please visit for details on how to get your friends into the VIP Demo.

We hope to see you in Anthem!

I pre-ordered the regular version and just found out I have the VIP access, even though I have yet to receive the email about it. Hit me up if anyone wants a friend referral link.

I’ll be on as I can, weekends are tough other than late at night.

I’ve pre ordered and after some chatting with EA help I’m finally downloading at nearly 40 MB/sec… it’s a good size file.
Below is a link that up to three people can use to try the game out this weekend:

Hopefully some of you on the fence jump on over. I’ve read nothing but good things about this game and looking forward to seeing y’all there
I’ll be on PC

actually all you need to do is pre order. How you get access to the demo was a bit squirrely. I had to look within the store, find the game, then click on “try it first” to start the down load. The EA rep sent me a link for sharing with up to 3 people

I’ll be playing

Also those wondering in the email i got, release time was…
The first pre-launch demo runs from January 25 (at 17:00 UTC) through January 27, 2019.
So that’s 12 pm in NJ for me.

I’m streaming it now - as soon as it goes live in 2 minutes!

Let’s hope the servers behave! :smiley:

I got in, got a squad interface that wouldn’t work, restarted it, and now I’m at “Connecting to Online Services…”, which I’m assuming they implemented so we weren’t spamming them with DDOS-like requests to try to connect again, lol

I like your Twitch name–very clever. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

I occasionally am doing this with people who don’t use the OTG discord, so here is a link to mine, if anyone wishes to join us. I’m not averse to using the OTG discord, btw, just helping people find me. :slight_smile:

So far I’ve not been able to play a single mission. Since all of them load in and stay stuck like 4% from the end.


And that’s where it stays and I need to kill the client :slight_smile: