Anyone playing Flight Simulator 2020?

Its Elite Dangerous: Earth. The same things I love about ED are the same things I love about this. Unlimited exploration opportunities!

  • My favorite plane is the Icon A5. Easy to fly. Slow speeds for sightseeing. Able to land on the water. I toured NYC and landed in the lake in Central Park. Turned off the engines and just floated. You can hear the water lapping against the hull. You can hear the distant horns and cars of the city. The audio is incredible. Took off and landed by the Statue of Liberty. Having the ability to land on any body of water that is big enough is amazing.
  • Tip: Tun off engine audio to get just the sound of the wind. Super relaxing.

Anyone else?

Great rundown here Top 10 Flight Simulator Features

Hiya Ase!

I was thinking about it, so this is enough recommendation for me to pull the trigger and get it. I’ll post my impressions later this weekend. :slight_smile:

Quick question: Any thoughts on buying direct from Microsoft vs. through Steam?

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The biggest issue right now is that the terrain is generated from Bing maps, and is… Quite often not what it is.

Very noticable in my own country where churches turn into generic highrises :smiley:

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I got it off of Steam no problem. Also, for me, it’s crazy accurate. I have buzzed my house several times now and it’s… my house!

Fly over your local grocery store and see the name and logo…

Some buildings do get wonky up close BUT they have the entire earth in there. I just bought the London pack which spruces up the buildings. Also bought the Denver Airport which lets you start at a gate. Have to request a pushback and everything. Looks great!

I ended up getting Gamepass for PC, because I needed another monthly subscription. :smiley:

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Check this out. Watch this video and see how you can turn MSFS 2020 into an Elite Dangerous type game.

Also here to turn your phone into a head tracker.

I purchased my copy through Steam, and I’ve gone through the beginner flight lessons. After that, I took off from a small airport near my home, found my house, and flew through the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Next up is to take off at an airport in my hometown and check that out.

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