Anyone playing Astroneer?

I have been playing with it and rather enjoy it. It is multiplayer, well, more co-op.

“You have 21 Friends who play ASTRONEER”. Yeah. People are playing it :slight_smile:

And I really enjoy it for just a cute relaxing game.

On the opposite side (very technical) you have Stationeers, which is a chemistry/ecology/building simulator almost. lol

I had actually been considering it!

I have not been able to put it down the last week or so.

Yeah, I had to uninstall it to get some work done. I did have a brief break yesterday, as my guy got shot into space by a terrain bug, took 2 minutes to re-enter the atmosphere and splat.

Good news! They fixed that in the latest release! (Vehicle bug?)

I played for about 4 hours last night and learned that it has been forever since I have played such a game, and that I stink at open world survival stuff like this. Lots of fun, but I am looking at what I did yesterday and thinking binning it and starting over with lessons learned might be best.
Not sure if I will or not. May start a new one and come back to the original. See if I’m smarter second time around.

Oh, I have restarted a half a dozen times.

That makes me feel better!

I’m pretty sure we all have :slight_smile: I know I have, but that’s mostly because I started playing in way early alpha, so my savegames broke completely several times.

I hope they keep on developing it, since it’s a really enjoyable and relaxing game.

I am in the midst of a recovery operation. Somewhere between the core and the surface . Semi-frustrating, but very challenging!

I haven’t tried getting to the core yet, that’s new content for me :slight_smile: One of these days, though, I’ll put together an expedition! :smiley:

I got there as a bit of an accident. Getting back is where I am at right now. :wink: