Anyone know of an external resource for finding an open VTT game?


I don’t know if Warhorn schedules virtual table top games or not, but may be worth looking into.

I usually check the forums for various platforms like D&D Beyond, roll20, Fantasy Grounds etc. You can find sub-forums there that focus on players looking for games and games looking for players. Also some Discord groups for said platforms will usually have channels dedicated to LFG/LFP posts. Also also some not-platform affiliated Discord groups like Dungeons & Downvotes I check out looking for games.

I want to find another long 5e campaign so I can try out the Psi Warrior/Kensai build I have in mind.

I recommend this.

Fantasy Grounds has a Discord channel that has a lfg section. Once you get a group , games are easy to find.

Necroing this thread a bit to add some more resources for finding games I have comes across.

Hi! I run (or did last year) Foundry VTT games. This app/site is pretty good at finding VTT games – – I believe it is free for users.

I played around with Demiplane for setting up games with friends but haven’t taken a deep look into it this year (DnD got put on hold unfortunately).