Anyone getting the Railen?

Would love to hear your opinions.

I grabbed one and will put it in buy back, and also picked up a couple of CCUs for cheap (Terrapin CCU is $5)

Not really needing another cargo ship, but wanted to have this as an option. Like the Xian ship style.

Stats wise this is not a great buy. Bespoke cargo pods is not something I like to see. It has Carrack guns and shields, half the Cat in cargo.
And they also are including an Alien rarity fee in the price.

It is a wait and see for me, so I have it in buy back.

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Nothing made me go wow with this one, but glad some folks seem to appreciate it.

Me too. Love the quirkiness in the design - and it feels like design is getting better with every new ship, which is making the original slew of ships look quite dull in comparison and that’s kinda annoying for me! - but I think it’s outrageous it’s $200 when the Hull B was only $90. I think the alien ‘tax’ is really unjustifiable.

But in all the excitement of another concept sale I’ve instead melted my Kraken and reclaimed some ships I regretted losing to get a capital ship I’ll never use, including the Vanguard with 2x BUK, the 600i and my UEE exploration pack. Lovely,.

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I will probably pick one up. I love the alien ships. Sitting on most of them. Don’t really need a terrapin, but may buy a couple of ccus like simdor just in case. Is that the original UEE exploration pack? Probably one of the best deals they released.

It is, yes, got it back for 495 with a Carrack, Terrapin and Dragonfly in it. :slight_smile:

Yep that’s the one. I wasn’t interested in the Terrapin though. Mine is now a Khartu’al, Carrack, and an Endeavor. Crazy that the whole thing is cheaper than the Carrack is now.

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CCU’d another dupe into it, further uniquing my fleet and spending as little as possible. I like the look of it, though.

Best thing going for it is that it isn’t a single level tube design. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Like I said, the big drawback for me is the bespoke cargo pods. Not sure if that will be a good or bad thing or a null point in the end. Otherwise the Alien Tax is a bit much but it looks like a decent ship.

The cross species living quarters really has me scratching my head. Where are they going with that?

Picked one up as I’m not really sure what role I want to play, ergo my “fleet”. I say a gap in my cargo capacity range and this one filled it. If nothing else, I moved a little closer to the F8 lightning… much to my dismay

CCU’d a dupe into one, 'cause alien.