Anyone else LOVE Korah?

I have pretty much all of the frames, and most of the primes except for one or two of them.
Out of all of the ones I have played I am enjoying Kora the most. Something about her mix of CC and DPS is just fun.

Also picked up the Revenant pack and enjoying him as well, though I am still getting used to the abilities.

Am I alone or are there other Kora fans out there?

Khora is definatly not 1 of my favorites., the main reason being strangle dome (her #4). its good cc but it makes it hard to hit enemies swinging on it. she is great if you like running with a kavat or kubrow. Having 2 of them at once can be fun. I more lean towards Frost as my fav. Great utility with frost globe, good cc and armor stripping from avalanch. He also has the potential for buffing the team if you run his augment.

I personally like Khora using her 4 then 2 to drag more mobs into her cage then burning them alive with an ignis wraith her only down side is when it comes to bosses its very weapon depended then but over all gameplay is good.

yeah, can’t say that I play her to often. I wanted to enjoy her more, but her kit fell a bit short for me. I dont find that her tangle wire ability is consistent enough for me. Her Strangle Dome is ok, but if I would rather use Frost, or Vauban for similar effect.

I also felt that both her’s and her cat’s base affinities were off the mark, requiring a good 4 to 6 forma to really get them both fixed up. Which can be worth it if you like her, but for me it just felt like a high price for admission. I do break her out every now and again, but she falls well short of a top player for me.

But that is the nice thing about warframe. there are dozens of frames so everyone can have their own favorite. and in 95% of the content which frames/weapons you bring doesnt matter.

Well simdor youll be glad to know that they just released a augment for Khora’s #1 ability to give you some more damage.

I saw that, looks cool

Sorry for Poking a dead post but Khora 4 is probably her only issue in my eyes i have a build that runs around using her 1 and 2 and her 3 in heal for pretty decent Tanking throwing a Rage or Hunters Adrenaline on her with some decent Strength Range can make for a good mid game tank frame

Her 4 is pretty situational, not something used often. But if you add a bit of duration to her abilities then it is good for defense missions.
I also use it often when doing excavation because it is perfect for covering the extractor while you run around and gather power.

But I love her pet, use it all the time, and her #2 ability is almost too powerful. She is great crowd control and tank mix between her pet, her #2 and if you get the damage mod for #1 it combines great with the way her #2 draws enemies together and locks them up.

Still my fav to play but I have been working up Garuda since the patch. Not sure I like this frame, it is pretty weak except for the alpha strike style #1 that you can do. Still, nice to be able to cycle health to energy then use the #2 to heal up all to feed #1 for the big hit. Has some potential, just not as fun for me as Khora is.